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Strange Speculation

The Hill speculates on a McCain-Kerry ticket in 2008 after the two were spotted having breakfast together recently.

Knight Ridder Questions Bush Administration Honesty on Iraq

Knight Ridder continues to be among the strongest news organizations in providing the truth about Iraq. Joseph Galloway, senior military correspondent for Knight Ridder questions the honesty of administration claims that troops will return from Iraq in time for the 2006 elections: Send out the general to suggest the draw-down is imminent, even as the […]

The Colonel Hates Bush

Not everyone in the military approves of George Bush. Reuters reports that “A U.S. Air Force colonel has been charged with painting obscenities on parked cars bearing pro-President Bush bumper stickers.”

Woodward Predicts Cheney Run in 2008

Bob Woodward continues to predict Dick Cheney will run in 2008: “He would be 67 if he ran and was elected. Reagan was 69. Republicans always like the old warhorse. … Nixon was 68,” said Woodward, best known for exposing the Watergate scandal that led to Richard Nixon’s resignation in 1974. “Both parties like to […]

Sweet Neo Con

Crooks and Liars has video coverage of the new Rolling Stone song “Sweet Neo Con.”

Seeing Red: Americans Driven into Debt by Medical Bills

From The Commonwealth Fund: New analysis of the 2003 Commonwealth Fund Biennial Health Insurance Survey reveals that an estimated 77 million Americans age 19 and older—nearly two of five (37%) adults—have difficulty paying medical bills, have accrued medical debt, or both. Working-age adults incur significantly higher rates of medical bill and debt problems than adults […]

Warming Hits Tipping Point

While some are still debating whether global warming is a problem, scientists looking at Siberia have found that “a vast expanse of western Sibera is undergoing an unprecedented thaw that could dramatically increase the rate of global warming.” They warn that “It is a scenario climate scientists have feared since first identifying ‘tipping points’ – […]

Looking For Moderate Republicans

There’s another commentary from a conservative today which is worth paying attention to, even if I don’t agree with every word. Morton Kondracke asks, “Can GOP Moderates Exert Power in Party Dominated by Right? ” Kondracke argues that moderate Republicans should support Bill Frist against attacks from the far right for supporting stem cell research […]