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Doctor Pleads Guilty to Biting Patient

The old saying is that dog bites man is not news, but man biting dog is news. To that we can now add doctor biting patient is also news as seen in this report from the Boston Globe. While there are sometimes patients who might make doctors feel like such violence is in order, a […]

Increased Motorcycle Deaths After Helmet Law Repealed

CNN reviewed studies released yesterday regarding motorcycle helmet laws. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found an 81% increase in fatalities in the three years following Florida’s repeal of its mandatory helmet law in 2000. The cost for hospital care for motorcycle injuries grew from $21 million to $44 million in the 30 months after […]

Support For War Continues to Fall

If only we had these recent poll results before November. A USA TODAY/CNN/Gallup Poll shows 57% say the war has made the USA more vulnerable to terrorism. A new low, 34%, say it has made the country safer. The pollsters believe that this is largely a result of months of bad news. I wonder if […]