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White House Refuses to Cooperate on 9/11 Investigation

The events surrounding 9/11 continue to be investigated, and the Bush Administration continues to stonewall: 9/11 Group Says White House Has Not Provided Files By PHILIP SHENON WASHINGTON, Aug. 6 – The White House has failed to turn over any of the information requested by the 10 members of the disbanded Sept. 11 commission in […]

Wealthy Liberals To Finance Liberal Think Tanks

The Washington Post reports that “At least 80 wealthy liberals have pledged to contribute $1 million or more apiece to fund a network of think tanks and advocacy groups to compete with the potent conservative infrastructure built up over the past three decades.”

The Democratic Daily’s First Look At The New Military

In between Appletini drinking and Live Appletini Blogging I attended the annual Grand Haven Coast Guard Festival where every year the most significant military achievements are displayed. Last year we presented photographs of a ship of major historical significance at both the official Kerry Blog (no longer on line) and at the Unofficial Kerry Blog: […]

Live Appletini Blogging

Last week we started the search for the perfect Appletini recipe. After lots of hard work taste testing every combination, here’s what is tasting the best: Grey Goose Vodka 1 shot Apple Pucker Schnapps 1 shot Splash of Midori Splash of lime juice Place in shaker and shake well with crushed ice The above makes […]