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DNC on Novak

If You Can’t Stand The Heat…That’s Bull—t! After Robert Novak used vulgar language on live television and stormed out of CNN’s studio yesterday, CNN called the action “inexcusable and unacceptable” and suspended him indefinitely. The suspension comes after prolonged pressure on Novak, who is at the center of a federal probe into the leaking of […]

Santorum’s Flip Flops on Intelligent Design

There have been many posts in the blogosphere showing Santorum’s inconsistencies on intelligent design. Think Progress does an excellent job of summarizing this. At least seeing Santorum going from insane positions to differing with Bush over intelligent design is preferable to the alternative of politicians going the opposite direction, such as Pataki and Romney’s recent […]

Conservatives vs. Tobacco Industry

From The Hill: Tobacco industry faces legal assault from conservative group Yet another lawsuit has compounded the tobacco industry’s legal woes, only this time the blow came from the right side of the political spectrum. The United Seniors Association (USA), suing on behalf of Medicare under an obscure law permitting “private attorney general” actions by […]

How Pharmaceutical Companies Restrict Information

While the editorial pages of the Wall Street Journal consistenly takes the corporate Republican line, the news pages often do show what is really going on in the world. Today they provide insight into how pharmaceutical companies influence prescribing of their medications. The article looks at Eli Lily and Cymbalta, but this applies to other […]

Salt Lake Tribune on Intelligent Design

Intelligent Design: Why limit equal time to biology class? Salt Lake Tribune President Bush has thrown in with those who think that an idea called “intelligent design” should be taught alongside evolution in the nation’s schools. “I think that part of education is to expose people to different schools of thought,” the president told some […]

Roberts Argued Liberal Positions

The big question for observers on the left and right is whether John Roberts will be a far right conservative on the court or whether he will follow the course of many other conservatives and become more moderate. Despite all the media reports there remains no way to really know, but my fear is that […]

Democrats Didn’t Escape to Canada

Despite post-election talk, Democrats did not flock to Canada after the November election. Reuter’s reports: Canadians can put away those extra welcome mats — it seems Americans unhappy about the result of last November’s presidential election have decided to stay at home after all. In the days after President Bush won a second term, the […]