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Dobson Compares Stem Cell Research to Nazis

On the August 3 Focus on the Family show James Dobson compared stem cell research to the human experimentation under the Nazi’s. Media Matters for America has this quote, as well as an audio clip on their web site: DOBSON: You know, the thing that means so much to me here on this this issue […]

Bush Approval Remains Low; More Concerned About Plame Scandle

There are more bad polling numbers for Bush from CBS. They join several others in finding Bush’s approval rating at under 50%, coming in at 45% in the CBS poll. Questions about Iraq brought in varied responses. One question I found interesting was that they found that more people believe the war has increased the […]

Some Too Intelligent for Intelligent Design

George Bush should spend more time with John H. Marburger, his science advisor, and less with his looney friends from the religious right. Marburger stated that “evolution is the cornerstone of modern biology” and “intelligent design is not a scientific concept” following all the uproar over Bush’s expression of support for teaching intelligent design. We […]

Some Republicans Oppose Prisoner Abuse

It’s always good to see signs that not all Republicans are going along with Bush Administration policies, as well as to see that there are some journalists who still look for real stories: Soul of Republican Party at stake in prison-abuse scandal debate By JOSEPH L. GALLOWAY Knight Ridder Newspapers WASHINGTON – There is a […]