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Republican Support Falls in Ohio’s Second District

Assuming a recount doesn’t change the result in this special election for Congress in Ohio, Paul Hackett has taken at least 48% of the vote in a district which Republicans could usually count on a victory of 30%. Hackett accomplished this by campaigning against Bush and the Iraq War, while supporting liberal social issues including […]

Will It Have Books?

Washington Whispers reports: Even the Library Will Be Faith-Based President Bush means business when he talks about supporting faith-based institutions. Which is why insiders say he wants to put his presidential library at a church-affiliated college back home. That would seem to give Southern Methodist University and Baptist-affiliated Baylor University the edge in the competition […]

Dean Matchmaker Extraordinaire

One joke during last year’s primary battle was that the Dean campaign seemed more like a dating service than a political campaign. Perhaps there was more truth to this than we believed as the Washington Post calls Dean a matchmaker extraordinaire.

Rove Remains Under Investigation

I think it is premature to predict who may or may not be indicted in the Plame investigation but, despite claims from the right that that he is a hero in this matter, Rove appears to still be under investigation.The Note reports: Based on ABC News sources (and our own video camera) it appears that […]