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Limited Progress Found In Reconstruction of Iraq

The Christian Science Monitor reviews other reports showing that despite spending more than $9 billion in Iraq in the past two years, the US has had only ‘limited progress’ in important sectors such as oil and power. Problems include the insurgency, fraud on the part of the new Iraqi government, and according to a GAO […]

90% Support Right to Protest War

Right wing pundits have frequently argued that opponents of the war should be thrown out of the country or otherwise penalized for their “treason.” Fortunately most of the country has not really moved as far to the right as it sometimes seems. An AP-Ipsos poll shows that 90% of American support the right of opponents […]

ABC Stuck With Robertson

Some portions of the liberal blogosphere, such as Crooks and Liars, are calling on ABC to fire Robertson over his recent remarks. The fact of the matter is that ABC has long wanted to discontinue the show but continuing Robertson’s show was one of the conditions of purchasing the Family Channel. Robertson originally sold the […]

Library Sues Over Patriot Act

A library, along with the ACLU, are suing Alberto Gonzales and FBI Director Robert Mueller in response to a request for library records under the Patriot Act. American Civil Liberties Union. The suit calls the FBI’s order to produce library records “unconstitutional on its face” and said a gag order preventing public discussion of the […]

Roberts Connected To Iran Contra Scandal

The Washington Post reports on Roberts’ documents which the Democrats are attempting to get copies of. One sounds particularly interesting. It appears that John Roberts may have given Reagan the legal advice used to fund the Contras during the Iran Contra Scandal: One file withheld, regarding the Iran- contra affair, was a draft memo from […]

Today’s Sports: Bush Out of Touch

Another sign we might have passed the tipping point is when even the sports pages attack Bush. Ian O’Connor had this to say in USA Today: Bush might be a bigger sports junkie than Clinton, Reagan, Nixon, JFK and Taft, founding presidential father of the ceremonial first pitch. So it was no surprise that Bush […]

Kerry Right on Korea

The Council on Foreign Relations shows yet again that Kerry was right and Bush was wrong, forcing the Bush Administration to shift their policy on North Korea: Specifically, what was the major change in the United States’ position? If you go back to the presidential debates in 2004, a question was asked about North Korea. […]

Robertson Now Criticized For Comments on Israel

NEW YORK, Aug. 25 /U.S. Newswire/ — The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) today condemned televangelist Pat Robertson’s comments on the Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip. In remarks broadcast on The 700 Club as the Israeli government followed through on its disengagement plan last week, Robertson sharply criticized the decision to withdraw from Gaza, saying that, […]