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Taste Of Their Own Medicine

Sometimes people are forced to take a taste of their own medicine: Doctor Frist’s flip flop on stem cell research hasn’t been received well by the far right. Tom Delay offered the opinion that “a candidate that, that-umm-believes in the destruction of life would have a very hard time appealing to the vast majority of […]

California Rejects Diebold Machines

California has rejected the Diebold voting machines, finding a failure rate of ten percent. Problems included printer jams and screen freezes, in other words what is experienced by the typical home computer user. The report did not comment on whether the results were biased towards either party.

Replacing the Government in Case of Emergency

We can all rest easier knowing that Congress has passed a Doomsday plan to replace themselves should 100 or more be killed in a terrorist attack. The law would call for special elections within 49 days. Now if we only had a provision for a special election should it be proven that the President is […]

Kerry Raising Money for Other Democrats

The Wall Street Journal makes note today of Kerry’s fund raising and contributions to other Democratic candidates. They report that, “Democrat Kerry, who may also run again, has donated more than $3 million to Democratic groups since his November defeat, while raising $700,000 for a new Leadership PAC that has given to more than 50 […]