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Natalie Portman Creating Controversy, Again

Natalie Portman created some controversy during the 2004 election, such as when Good Morning America tried to hide her Kerry shirt behind flowers during an interview. Her next movie, V for Vendetta, scheduled for release in November, may also be controversial for its portrayal of terrorist bombings in the London subways. According to ITN: The […]

Personally I’m Holding Out For Ghirardelli

According to the Washington Post, “Mars Inc. said yesterday it is holding ‘serious discussions with large pharmaceutical companies’ about the development of a line of cocoa-based prescription drugs that could help treat diabetes, some forms of dementia and other ailments.” I believe Woody Allen predicted something like this in Sleeper.

Bolton Recess Appointment Hinted

There are new rumors being reported by AP that Bush may make a recess appointment to get John Bolton named UN Ambassador after Democrats twice blocked his confirmation. If made a recess appointment when Congress is not in session (beginning this Friday until September 7), he will have the position until the end of the […]