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More Inconsistencies in Rove’s Story

Time Magazine reports more inconsistencies in Rove’s story, now suggesting he found out about Valierie Plame’s identity from within the Bush Administration rather than from reporters as he has claimed. It would be interesting to know if this also contradicts Rove’s testimony and increases the chances of an obstruction of justice prosecution. From Time: As […]

Not Such Hard Work for Bush

According to USA Today, this will be “the president’s 50th trip to the ranch since he was elected nearly five years ago.”

Carter Criticizes Guantanamo as Disgrace to the US

Carter: Guantanamo Detentions Disgraceful Jimmy Carter Says Detention of Terror Suspects at Guantanamo Bay ‘Is a Disgrace to the U.S.’ By CASSANDRA VINOGRAD The Associated Press Jul. 30, 2005 – Former President Carter said Saturday the detention of terror suspects at the Guantanamo Bay Naval base was an embarrassment and had given extremists an excuse […]

Independent Film on Winter Soldier Investigation

From IndieWIRE: Milestone Film co-founders Dennis Doros and Amy Heller have formed Milliarium Zero, a new film distribution company that will handle films with strong social and political content. First up for the new outfit is “Winter Soldier,” a look at the 1971 Winter Solider Investigation conducted by activist group, Vietnam Veterans Against The War. […]

Stem Cells in Spinal Cord Injury

Yet another benefit of stem cells discovered: Genetically engineered stem cells can help rats’ severed spinal cords grow back together, according to a study published Tuesday. Rats given the treatment, using stem cells taken from rat embryos, could move their legs again after their spines were severed in the lab, said the researchers’ report in […]

Republican Lies Exposed on “Death Tax”

One of the most discussed victories for the Republicans using Orwellian (or in this case Frank Luntz’s) use of language has been over the inheritance tax. By calling this the “death Tax” they spread scare stories of small mom and pop farms and other businesses being victims, obfuscating the fact that the tax primarily affects […]

How To Blog

We’ve been faking it for a while, but it looks like the reference we may (or may not) need is coming out in January:

Not Enough Sleaze

The New York Times Book Review of The Truth About Hillary hits the book in an area where other reviewers haven’t gone. Not only is the book devoid of any value as an information source, it doesn’t even rank very high in its “genre” according to Joe Queenan. As an expert on sordid nonfiction, I […]