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John Kerry on The Hill Blog: Insurance For Kids Will Not Fall Victim to Politics

The battle over SCHIP was in the news on Monday with Paul Krugman noting that “denying basic health care to children whose parents lack the means to pay for it, simply because you’re afraid that success in insuring children might put big government in a good light, is just morally wrong.” And the public understands […]

Congress Should Impeach Mr. Gonzales

The N.Y. Times editorial board is calling for the impeachment of Alberto Gonzales. It sounds like a damn fine idea to me… President Bush often insists he has to be the decider — ignoring Congress and the public when it comes to the tough matters on war, terrorism and torture, even deciding whether an ordinary […]

On the Cleavage Patrol

The Clinton campaign sent out a fundraising email today that focused on WaPo fashion writer, Robin Givhan’s piece on Hillary Clinton’s cleavage last week. The fundraising email is causing a stir and Howard Kurtz and Anne E. Kornblut have come to Givhan’s defense in a post on the WaPo’s The Trail blog. I didn’t comment […]

Something Is Terribly Wrong on the Hill… and It Needs to Go

The WaPo’s editorial board today that it time for Alberto Gonzales to go. In their editorial today citing yesterday’s tragic testimony of Gonzales before Congress, the WaPo said, “SOMETHING IS terribly, terribly wrong when the attorney general of the United States is called to testify under oath before Congress and much of the hearing revolves […]

Vacation? What’s That?

Vacation? What’s that? Here in America, we’re in the “land of the overworked and tired,” and sadly, as Ezra Klein reports in an OP/ED in the Sunday L.A. Times: THE MOST astonishing revelations in Michael Moore’s “Sicko” have nothing to do with healthcare. They’re about vacation time. French vacation time, to be precise. Yes, it’s […]

‘Ship of Fools’ Reveals the Hatred on the Right

Any one who got the point that Hart was making here with his piece on Ted Nugent that was largely misinterpretated and taken out of context by first World Net Daily and then Hannity, got that the hate speak from the right wing is driving many to distraction and frustration and we must do something […]

Moyers on Impeachment

Yesterday’s Bill Moyers Journal was on the subject of Impeachment. It’s a hot topic these days, as Moyers notes,one that more and more people are talking about: “It’s in the air and on your computer screen, a growing clamor aimed at both President Bush and Vice-President Cheney.” Impeachment is also “…the word feared and loathed […]

Kerry Bill Would Prevent President from Misusing Signing Statements

With the White House in “Panic Mode” over the GOP revolt on Bush’s Iraq War, Senator John Kerry gave them a little more cause earlier today when he announced that he will co-sponsor legislation aimed at preventing the President from writing so-called “signing statements” when he signs bills – a little known measure that allows […]