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Retired General to Bush: Sign the Bill Congress has Sent

It’s clear that Bush has very little support from the American public for his planned veto of the Iraq spending bill and in fact the Bush Administration is even scaling back talk of success in Iraq. But, now comes news, not surprising at all, that a retired general, “who served as the Army’s top intelligence […]

Kerry Demands Answers on Death of Corporal Pat Tillman

Today, the House Democrats burrowed deep into the “histories of Pfc. Jessica D. Lynch and Cpl. Pat Tillman in a hearing” and exposted the “episodes as egregious examples of officials’ twisting the truth for public relations in wartime.” What they found wasn’t pretty. They received help in making their case from witnesses who have mostly […]

John and Teresa Heinz Kerry Talk with Bill O’Reilly on ‘The O’Reilly Factor’

John and Teresa Heniz Kerry were on ‘The O’Reilly Factor’ to discuss their new book, “This Moment On Earth” last night. O’Reilly veered off course for the first half of the interview and pulled the Senator into a discussion on the situation with Iran. It’s surprising, but not, that O’Reilly failed to touch on the […]

Kerry Responds to Bush Administration Overtures to Iran and Syria

Helene Cooper asks in the N.Y. Times today: “Has the Bush administration gone soft on its foes?” Cooper is referring to the new willingness of the Bush administration to “hold high-level contacts with Iran and Syria.” As recently as Jan. 12, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice repeated what has been a constant of Bush foreign […]

Our Covert Government at Work

Seymour Hersh fills us in on all the details of the Bush administration’s “redirection” of foreign policy in a new article in the New Yorker. It’s a must read. Hersh says, “In the past few months, as the situation in Iraq has deteriorated, the Bush Administration, in both its public diplomacy and its covert operations, […]

Bill Richardson: Diplomacy, Not War, With Iran

The drumbeat on Iran has gotten louder again in the past couple of days and Bill Richardson spoke out about it in an OP/ED in the WaPo today. Richardson certainly has some creds on foreign policy as former Ambassador to the UN. He’s on the mark with his call for diplomacy with Iran in my […]

John Kerry on Hardball Today – UPDATED: Transcript & Video

John Kerry will be on Hardball today at 5:00 pm est. I’ll post the transcript when it’s available. UPDATE – WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: UPDATE 2: The transcript is below… MATTHEWS: Welcome back to HARDBALL. Senator John Kerry serves in the Senate Foreign relations Committee. Senator Kerry, thank you joining us tonight. What is going […]

Where’s the Evidence?

Despite the ever increasing drumbeat from the Bush administration on the threat that Iran poses to the U.S. the L.A. Times reports that, “Bush administration officials acknowledged Friday that they had yet to compile evidence strong enough to back up publicly their claims that Iran is fomenting violence against U.S. troops in Iraq.” Administration officials […]