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Public Prefers Democratic Party to Republican for Handling Terrorism, Military Security

The Gallup Poll shows that the “Democratic Party enjoys a 15-point lead over the Republicans in overall favorability, 53% vs. 38%”: Since the second half of 2005, Gallup notes “the public’s positive image of the Republican Party began to show signs of decline,” and since April 2006, “the Democrats have maintained a consistently strong advantage […]

The GOP Expect Loss in the House

Speaking of those disaffected Republican voters (see post below)… Politico reports that “Top Republicans are privately bracing for the possibility that they could lose additional House seats in next year’s elections as a result of untimely retirements, ongoing scandals and unexpectedly gloomy fundraising forecasts, according to several members and aides.” It seems every day brings […]

A Reality of Some Grassroots Campaigns

Planning is as natural to the process of success as its absence is to the process of failure.

Kerry Condemns Student Arrest

I’m not sure which is more disturbing at this point, the many videos that have surfaced on the internet(s) of the student getting tasered at the John Kerry event in Florida yesterday, or the fact that once again the wingnuts are blowing a situation out of proportion that is connected to John Kerry. ABC News […]

The Case For An Open Democratic Convention

With the idiocy of our front loaded primary system in the 2008 cycle I believe there is a possibility of a split set of primaries and no clear, convincing winner.

Clark’s Endorsement and a Personal Reflection

While I understand his choice, and agree she is qualified, it was still a shock to see him so firmly remove himself from contention. Why such a shock when he had done nothing to prepare an organization for the race?

Biden Breaks the Mold With A 5 Minute Message To Run in Iowa

Wouldn’t it be great to actually know our candidates without regard to whether they can raise $200 million?

And The Pack of Candidates Changes?

Are we about to see a change in the ‘leaders’ of the race? Is it always going to be Senators Clinton and Obama with Edwards catching up?