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More Late Night: Blackwater and Other Iraq News

It’s late and there’s a lot of news I would have liked to cover and as always there’s never enough time in the day. Before I call it a night, this one jumped out at me on Memeorandum as I was scanning the latest discussions there: Blackwater manager blamed for 2004 massacre in Fallujah: When […]

Late Night: Rasmussen Reports Claim No One Tuned in to Live Earth… WTF?

The latest poll from right wing biased Rasmussen Reports claims “Public Tunes Out Live Earth Event.” The Live Earth concert promoted by former Vice President Al Gore received plenty of media coverage and hype, but most Americans tuned out. Just 22% said they followed news stories about the concert Somewhat or Very Closely. Seventy-five percent […]

Live Earth Internet[s] Streaming Sets Record

Reuters reports that Microsoft Corp’s Web portal MSN said today that LIVE EARTH’s internet[s] streaming “broke a record for an online entertainment show by generating more than 9 million Internet streams.” As the last two of the nine Live Earth concerts got underway, MSN product manager Karin Muskopf said the number of streams had surpassed […]

New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine Signs Toughest U.S. Carbon Law

On Friday, New Jersey became the “first U.S. state to mandate sharp greenhouse gas reductions by 2050 to help fight climate change.” The law, which was signed by Democratic Governor Jon Corzine, “makes New Jersey the latest state to bypass the Bush administration by setting mandatory regulations to fight emissions of gases that scientists link […]

More LIVE EARTH: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. speaks at LIVE EARTH!

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. speaks at LIVE EARTH in New York on 07-07-2007: The video is available here. H/T to DeepModemMom on DU.

Al Gore Discusses LIVE EARTH and Says No to 08

Al Gore is all pumped up these days. AP News caught up with Al Gore today between two of the North American venues for Live Earth and he described his enthusiasm for getting the message out. The message “is not about me,” he said. The Live Earth “concerts are just the first step in a […]

LIVE EARTH: Al Gore Slams Global Warming Doubters

Opening the Washington D.C. leg of the worldwide LIVE EARTH concerts today, Al Gore took a swipe at global warming doubters. The Washington D.C. concert war a “last-minute addition to the global event months after organizers failed to find a space on the US capital’s National Mall” due to the fact that some Republican lawmakers […]

What’s Wrong With This Headline?

What’s wrong with this headline? Kevin Sullivan pointed this out on his blog, Mulling It Over From The Middle. I took the extra step of grabbing the screen shot below, as headlines like this tend to disappear after some outcry from the blogosphere and readers: So… Reuters reports that former Vice President Al Gore’s 24-year-old […]