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Biden’s Iraq Plan Passes Senate

Senator Joe Biden’s Iraq Federalism amendment passed in the Senate today. In what was a “strong rebuff to the Bush Administration on Iraq, the Senate overwhelming approved a plan by Biden that essentially calls for breaking Iraq into three sections: Kurd, Sunni, and Shia.” While the amendment is nonbinding, it’s the first measure to pass, […]

John Kerry: U.S. Must Stand with Burmese Demonstrators

Editors note: I’ve been trying to make the time since the monks starting marching in Burma a few days ago, to write about the situation there, but I’ve had a lot on my plate. The situation with th epeaceful protest, has turned for the worse as the photo from today, below shows: Andrew Sullivan has […]

Kerry to Hold Hearing On Internet Access

Senator John Kerry, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship announced today that Federal Communications Commissioners Michael J. Copps and Jonathan S. Adelstein will testify at a hearing Wednesday on improving internet access for small businesses to help them compete in a global economy. Copps and Adelstein will join small businesses and […]

U.N. Summit Urges Action on Climate Change – Bush Silent

As world leaders met in N.Y.C. on Monday for the first U.N. climate summit, the Bush administration sat idly by and virtually ignored the summit, except for a brief appearance at a “small dinner” on Monday night. With tales of rising seas and talk of human solidarity, world leaders at the first United Nations climate […]

Kerry Statement on Ahmadinejad Visit to U.S. and Speech at Columbia University

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was in N.Y. today delivering a speech at Columbia University. Before the speech Columbia University President Lee Bollinger ripped into Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, “going through a long list of documented actions and remarks by the firebrand Iranian leader and his government.” “Mr. President, you exhibit all the signs of a […]

Kerry Says Bush SCHIP Budget Cuts Would Harm Children

In a press conference this morning “called to discuss the children’s health insurance bill,” Bush had “tough words for Democrats who he said were going to take health care decisions out of people’s hands and put them into the hands of the government.” He called on Congress to pass his plan on the State Children’s […]

Attention Seeker Gets 15 Minutes of Fame… Police Report Shows Meyer’s Behavior Differed On and Off Camera

The incident in Florida on Monday that involved the tasering of a student at a John Kerry event has turned into the swift boat du’jour for Senator Kerry. Kerry, who tried to answer Meyer’s questions may not have known that Meyer had a nearby student videotaping the discourse. The entire debacle has incited debate across […]

What Happened From John Kerry’s Perspective

Alright, I’m the Online Communications Director for John Kerry, and I wanted to jump in here to let all of y’all know about what happened yesterday at the University of Florida event. JK himself wanted to stop by, but he’s stuck in Senate business all day and won’t have a chance to respond to any […]