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Kentucky Union Members Rally in Support of Steve Beshear

Bernard Pollack, AFL-CIO field coordinator, sends us this report on the campaign to elect a working family-friendly governor in Kentucky.

“Workers organizing for justice and for an economy that lifts all”

“Workers organizing for justice and for an economy that lifts all” By Stewart Acuff, National AFL-CIO Organizing Director Adapted from remarks delivered at the US Social Forum in Atlanta, Georgia September 6, 2007 We from the AFL-CIO and the labor movement have been inspired, energized, and moved by this great gathering of warriors for justice […]

’08 Watch: John Edwards On Mandatory Preventive Care

Speaking to an audience in Iowa on Sunday, John Edwards said that “his universal health care proposal would require that Americans go to the doctor for preventive care.” “It requires that everybody be covered. It requires that everybody get preventive care,” he told a crowd sitting in lawn chairs in front of the Cedar County […]

Kerry Says Census Statistics on Uninsured Americans Show Urgent Need for Action

The latest Census Report is out today, showing that although the poverty rate dropped in ’06, “the percentage of Americans without health insurance coverage hit a record high.” Census officials attributed the rise in uninsured Americans to 47 million from 44.8 million in 2005 mostly to Americans losing employer-provided or privately purchased health insurance. The […]

Bush Hates America’s Children

Apparently, Bush pulled a fast one on Congress in attempt to go around their vote to expand SCHIP: The Bush administration, continuing its fight to stop states from expanding the popular Children’s Health Insurance Program, has adopted new standards that would make it much more difficult for New York, California and others to extend coverage […]

Bush In Denial About the Ecomony

As the Dow plunged on Thursday by 387 points, George W. was talking up the economy is his pre-vacation presser. The economy is looking bleaker every day and Bush is claiming it’s as rosy as the progress in Iraq that he is equally in denial about. Here’s the B.S. Bush fed the press corps on […]

Bipartisan Group of Senators Praise Passage of Disaster Reform Bill

Senators John Kerry (D-Mass.), Olympia Snowe (R-Maine), Mary Landrieu (D-La.), David Vitter (R-La.), and Bill Nelson (D-Fl.) praised the Senate’s unanimous passage last night of a critical disaster loan bill that will improve assistance to business owners and homeowners after a disaster. The legislation’s movement comes as the two-year anniversary of Hurricanes Katrina, Rita and […]

Kerry: Congress Needs Veto Proof Margin on SCHIP

John Kerry spoke eloquently on the Senate floor earlier today on his “amendment to fully fund SCHIP to $50 billion over 5 years – the level originally allocated in the budget. ” Sadly, the vote failed 36-60. Which leaves me wondering… Why do some members of Congress not care about the kids in America? John […]